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We offer mailbox rental with physical address

We also offer iPostal1 and AnyTime App based digital mailbox with physical address

Better than PO Box, privacy, secure mail & pkgs receiving


Shipping Boxes
Moving Boxes
TV/Mirror Boxes
Tape, Film, and much more!

Box & Packing

We stock 1000s of boxes in all different sizes, along with all packing materials and tools.  Bring your items and we will pack them for you. 


We are a FedEX & DHL authorized ship center.  Ebay/Amazon sellers, movers welcome.  


Business Hours


Monday - Friday:

9:30am - 5pm


Last Drop Off:

Ground & Express

3:30-4:00 PM


We offer iPostal1 & AnyTime Digital Mailbox Service!

App based mail viewing

Physical address, mail & pkg receiving, ultimate privacy


Store Location

We are located next door to the famous Matsu Japanese restaurant

18047 Beach Blvd.  Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Tel: 714-847-0105  Email:


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